Are you a true nature lover?

Slow rhythms and strolls in the green, enchanting walks in close contact with the biodiversity of our territory. Here is a selection of 'slow experiences' in breathtaking locations! Among the tall foliage of the trees or ancient monuments, you will love long walks in these unique and welcoming territories. Enjoy life in freedom.

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in San Marino

1 - Tour of the old town: experiencing the very heart of San Marino to the full

A Unesco World Heritage Site, the old town of San Marino will take you on a journey into the past with the comforts of present times. You will admire medieval buildings, customs and cultures, breathtaking landscapes, discover old and new traditions, and enjoy leisure time in the numerous shops and refreshment areas that San Marino has to offer

A guided tour service is available.

An open-air tour that can also be enjoyed by families, it will make you spend a day full of history, culture and freedom. Wonderful panoramas, views of the entire Adriatic coastline, medieval buildings and structures with timeless charm.

2 - Archery (instinctive): for 100% success

Cerna dei Lunghi Archi of San Marino is pleased to introduce its activities, letting you experience for a day the thrill of instinctive archery, an exciting experience, in contact with the forest and practising a sport that conveys freedom and light-heartedness.

Archery like the ancestors will provide hours of fun, history and tradition, through the guidance of experts and enthusiasts. Suitable for everyone, adults and kids, who wish to immerse themselves in this sport. An experience that can rarely be found, giving tourists one more reason to choose San Marino!

3 - E-bike: a ride among the wonders of the mountain

Thanks to E-bike, today anyone can tackle the differences in altitude in San Marino, to admire natural landscapes and to be able to immerse themselves in nature while riding a bike. It is possible to rent pedal assist e-bike which, together with personal tutors from E-bike Experience, will take the tourist through the suggested itineraries of varying difficulty.

Even for the less sporty, it will be an adventure that will leave a mark, with the aim of being accessible to all, experts and non-experts alike. An innovative way to ride the paths of San Marino, riding an e-bike that will help tourists in their adventure.
in Romagna region

1 - Alta Via dei Parchi from Lago di Ponte to Monte Carpegna

Eight parks are crossed by Alta Via: two national parks: Tuscan-Emilian Apennines and Casentino Forests, Mount Falterona and Campigna; five regional parks: Upper Apennines of Modena, Cedra and Parma Valleys, Corno alle Scale, Suviana and Brasimone Lakes, Chalk Vein of Romagna and an interregional park: Sasso Simone and Simoncello.

The complete 500 km route is divided into 27 stages: for Emilia-Romagna's part, it almost entirely follows 00 path and GEA which cover the Apennine ridge between Emilia-Romagna and Tuscany regions. More specifically, the route coincides with GEA almost entirely in the Emilia-Romagna stretch from Cisa Pass to Mount Cavallo, with a small deviation on the ridge to then resume in Casentino Forests.

The route is clearly identifiable by hikers thanks to coordinated signage and is completed by a number of facilities for visitors. The ecotourism offer linked to the natural and cultural beauty of the parks is also proposed as an innovative holiday feature that goes well with visits to art cities located in the area being crossed.

A complete ecotourism offer linked to the natural and cultural beauties of the parks, an innovative holiday feature that goes well with visits to art cities, cultural, food and wine highlights, as well as getting to know local people.

A kaleidoscope of landscapes - from Chalk Vein of Romagna Regional Park, where we follow the shimmering ridge of Pietre di Luna (Moonstones), through 'Romagna Toscana’, to the ancient forests of Casentino Forests National Park. We then descend to the monasteries of Camaldoli and La Verna and, further east, crossing Mount Fumaiolo massif, we reach the interregional park of Sasso Simone and Simoncello, after touching the summit of Mount Carpegna.
in Marche region

1 - Outdoor routes of fun and adventure

A slow route among nature, culture and gastronomic tradition, which leads visitors to have fun and test themselves on Carpegna Park adventure trails, to immerse themselves in the nature trails of Sasso Simone and Simoncello Natural Park through the great turkey oak forest, to get in deep contact with nature to regenerate body and mind. The route passes through the historical and cultural heritage of the small village of Carpegna and finally leads to a tasting of local food and wine excellences.

The route offers an experience to regenerate body, mind and spirit. The guiding thread is “to breathe", “to let the fresh air in", rediscovering time away from the daily rhythms, activating the body with adventure trails, breathing the pure air of Carpegna Park (awarded with “Transparent Flag", a quality recognition for municipalities that stand out for air and environment status) in the silence of the woods, giving space to past times and history, enjoying quality food.

The experience offers, in just one day, the possibility to improve one's all-round well-being, involving the visitor in such a way that he or she remains active and is gradually more aware of the quality of the environment and the regenerating effects of the various activities. Moreover, thanks to its special features, the route can be enjoyed at all ages and by all types of visitors.

2 - The regional and national parks

The Marche region offers not only hills and rural landscapes but also pristine mountains that make up 30% of its territory. Visitors can enjoy unspoiled nature with rugged peakes, wild gorges, spectacular caves, wooded slopes and snow-capped summits, as well as encounter traced left by monks and heremits and discover ancient settlements from the Piceni, Roman, Lombard or Byzantine eras. The mountain areas are mostly comprised of nationally protected parks (Monti SIbillini and Gran Sasso e Monti della Laga) and four regional parks

The Marche parks offer unspoiled nature and landscapes, with the great advantage of being close to the sea, urban centers and villages. In the same stay, visitors can enjoy both excursions, trekking, and nature walks immersed in pristine greenery and breathtaking mountain landscapes, as well as relaxation and the service offered by the nearby beaches.

The unique food and wine offerings of each individual territory, the breathtaking paronamas and the valleys adorned with precious snall villagges rich in history, culture and mystery complement the natural experiences in the park and mountain areas. All of this can be enjoyed while even admiring the sea.