Do you love adrenaline? Do you want to test yourself and overcome your fears by challenging the sky, mountains, sea and rivers?

Choose and live your adventure among the many proposed on this route. You will return home tired, perhaps exhausted, but certainly satisfied.

A 421 km route made up of 16 stages where you can go climbing, skydiving, sailing, wild swimming, kayaking and much more. The towns along this route are Montecopiolo, Borgo Pace, Fossombrone, Cattolica, Riccione, Bellaria Igea Marina, Cervia, Ravenna, Riolo Terme, Brisighella, Santa Sofia, Bagno di Romagna, Pennabilli, Novafeltria and Talamello, ending in the city of San Marino.

Km involved: 421

Municipalities involved: 15

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in San Marino

1 - The Titan's path

43 kilometres of hiking in nature to discover the territory of the Republic of San Marino in its lesser-known corners and to have an unforgettable green experience, surrounded by a unique wealth and variety landscapes. The new circular route completes the 110-kilometer trail network, connecting the 8 itineraries that wind through all 9 castles of the Republic. An interesting fact about the Path: Mount Titano, a UNESCI Worls Heritage site and the ultimate symbol of the Republic of San Marino, is visible from a large part of the route.

The Titan's path evokes a journey int the roots of the world's oldest Republic, which harbors a great wealth of landscapes and culture. A "white-blue ring" that crosses the entire state through all 9 Castles, offering breathtaking hiking initeraries with stunning views.

A unique opportunity to rediscover not only the beauty of nature, thanks to the extraordinary variety of ecosystems that make the Titan's Path a fabulous cradle of biodiversity, but also the cance to explore the rich historical and cultural heritage fot a comprehensive visit of the Republic of San Marino.

2 - Archery (instinctive): The active holiday that always hits the mark

Easy Wils (with instructor): An instructor will guide the partecipants, wither on foot or by car to Parco le Stradelle, where they will find a designated area with targets and all the necessary equipment for two hours of instinctive archery. The instructor will provide basic knowledge to safely start archery shooting; educational material and small souvenir of the day will be provided.

Organized experience by the historical group "La Cerna dei Lunghi Archi", a name that recalls the memory of the "carnita" people, whi were selected and trained to defend the freedom of the Republic of San Marino with bows ans arrows.

Perfect experience for those who wish to become an archer for a day, immersing themselves in the peaceful rhythms of the forest and savoring the slow pace of nature, all while keeping and eye on the trajectory of the arrow.

3 - E-bike: Fascinating itineraries for all bikers

Cylcing on the old railway path - guided tour: Discover the Republic of San Marino with an expert e-Bike guide, following an itinerary along the historic railway and histotical interest, allowing you to admire the different facets of the Sammarinese territory. There is also an opportunity to enhance the experience with a stasting of local products, showcasing the besto of San Marino.
Duration: 3 hours including briefing and administrative procedurees.
Meeting point: Piazzare Campo dell Fiera, 18 - 47893 Borgo Maggiore.
Difficulty: Moderate. Route type: Off-road with a slightly uneven surface, wide curves and moderate inclines.
Lenght: Approximately 27 km with an elevation gain of about 1,150 m.
Equipment: comfortable clothing and sports shoes.
in Romagna region

1 - Sport and adrenaline in Romagna

From the coast to the mountains, there are numerous sports and activities to enjoy in the region. Beach volleyball, beach tennis, and beach soccer are popular on the wide beaches, while water sports such as sailing, windsurfing, and diving can be experienced in the clear blue waters. Cycling is a favorite activity in the plains and hills, with various routes offering cultural and scenic experiences. Hiking trails and mountain biking paths are available for nature enthusiasts, and golf courses and horse riding trails provide opportunities for relaxation. For the adventurous, skydiving offers a thrilling perspective of the stunning landscape.

In addition to the classic sports like tennis, soccer or swimming and gym workout, which are praticable everywhere, there are a lot of others that instead are linked to the geographic characteristic of the territory.

Wellness Valley Experience
“Via Romagna” is one of the most interesting cycle routes in Europe, it is 463km long and connect Ferrara, Ravenna, Forlì-Cesena and Rimini, passing 30 municipalities, 20 fortresses and towns and more than 100 structures, B&B, farmhouses, but also churches, cathedrals, monuments, museums and other attractions. The ideal starting point is Comacchio, then going up in the “Bassa Romagna” to the first hills of Faenza, then Forlì and Cesena, going towards Valmarecchia and Valconca, in the Rimini Area, and concluding its itinerary on the border with the Marche, in San Giovanni in Marignano.
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The list of the Pilgrim Paths in Emilia-Romagna includes a set of itineraries that were followed by the faithful in the Middle Ages to reach Rome and Assisi, or to reach by sea Jerusalem and the Holy Land. Romagna has always been a crossing point: many parhs are still walkable today for those who want to follow them for their spiritual value or to admire these territories full of history. The routes include:
  • Via Romea Germanica
  • The Path of Saint Antonio
  • The Path of Assisi
  • The Path of Saint Vicino
  • The Path of Saint Francesco
  • The Viae Misericordiae
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The "Alta Via dei Parchi" is the longest trekking route in the Tuscan-Romagnolo Apennines and is 500km long. Starting in Berceto (Parma) and arriving in Carpegna (Pesaro-Urbino), the route crosses three regions: Emilia-Romagna, Tuscany and Marche, and has 27 stages. The parks are 8, 3 of which are in Romagna: The National Park of the Casentinesi Forests, Mount Falterona and Campigna, the Regional Park Vena of Gesso Romagnola and the interregional of Sasso Simone and Simoncello. Given its extension, the route is surrounded by breathtaking and always different landscapes: forests, volcanic cliffs, lakes, clear streams and chalk cliffs. You can decide whether you want to follow all the route or just a few stops, according to your experience level.
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The Parks of Romagna offer emotional moments to those who are searching for a direct contact with nature and its experiences. A variety of different habitats, over 2700 types of plants and over 350 species of vertebrate animals: these are the numbers that truly represents the variety of this extraordinary complex of these natural ecosystems. There are plenty of paths perfect for all experience levels: more information in their respective centers.