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Ancestral tourism invites us to explore the roots and ancient traditions of a territory. It is a journey back in time during which we immerse ourselves in sacred places, archaeological sites, traditional villages and try to understand the profound meaning of centuries-old practices and rituals handed down from generation to generation. This type of experience offers the opportunity to appreciate the heritage that our ancestors have left us and to rediscover the link between history and culture with a territory.

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in San Marino

1 - From a Saint to a State

Itinerary to discover the historical and artistic testinomies of the territory that illustrate how the memory of the origins still serves as the foundation of the State and the daily life of its Sammarinese citizens. The history and legacy of the Holy FOunder are made present through memories and monuments that not only help to understand the personaliry of the Saint through his experiences but also his material and spiritural legacy. The territory of the Republic is filled with images of the Saint depicting him in the three stages of his life and in the main roles attributed to him by tradition.

The Republic of San Marino is founded on that liberas which the Saint Marino bequeathed to the community formed around him, with the phrase: reliquo vos liberos ab utroque homine, I leave tou free from both powers, a statetment that constituted the foundation of the fully autonomy of the Republic of San Marino

The Republic of San Marino is the only state that owes its foundation to a saint, documenting from its inception the exemplary conjunction between civil and religious community. The itinerary retraces the sites where the history and foundation fo the Republic began in 301.
in Romagna region

1 - Dante's Train

A unique travel experience, the route on a historical train passes through the Tuscan-Romagnolo Appenines, discovering the places Dante Alighieri visited during his journey between Florence and Ravenna. A slow travel, ideal for those who want to enjoy colours, scents and breathtaking landscapes. An adventure that starts on the famous “Centoporte”, a train that remembers a bygone era where time seems to have stopped.

The train departs in Florence SMN with final destination Ravenna. The train passes through Marradi, Brisighella, Faenza, and stops in these destination for a few hours, letting the travellers visit the surrounding territory. On the train every passenger will be accompanied by the staff that will tell cultural and historical stories.

The project wants to promote the Tuscan-Romagnolo territory, full of historical, cultural, natural, and culinary traditions and wonders. The passengers will be able to visit different museums, fortresses, theatres, and buildings for free, and will take advantage of the agreements of restaurants and taverns of the territory.

2 - Cammino di San Francesco da Rimini a La Verna

The path of Saint Francis was inaugurated in 2013: it starts in Rimini and ends in La Verna, passing through the places the Saint visited during his journey in Valmarecchia in 1213, the path is 5 days long. Along the path you will see many convents, places of worship and peace. The Convent of the Frati Minori in Verrucchio with the centuries-old cypress tree, and the Convent of Saint Igne, built in 1244 in the woods at the foothills of San Leo are just two of the suggestive places you’ll visit. It is possible to follow the path on foot or by bike.

Saint Francis’ charism continues to live in men and women who dedicate their life to him. The pilgrim and the wanderer who chose to follow this path as a journey of inner research, will be able to seize the opportunity of these encounters, and to organize to dedicate the time every stops deserves.

The path touches the places where the Saint was during his journey in Valmarecchia and in the Montefeltro. An uncontaminated territory, without tourist crowds, full of history, art and culture (including culinary traditions).
in Marche region

1 - Archaeological Areas and Parks

Surrounded by the bright greenert of San Bartolo Park, the Archeological Area and Antiquarium of Colombarone is a site rich in architectural traces, where a balisica, a parish church, a late antique villa and mosaics emerge from the tides of times. Archeological parks of ancient Roman settlements are scattered throughout the Marche region: from Fermignano to Sant'Angelo in Vado, from Castelleone di Suasa to Sassoferrato, and even in the Picenum area. In Senigallia, one can admire the Archeological Area La Fenica, discocer during the construction works of the new theatre.

The combination of nature and culture is made possible throught paths immersed in the greenery of the Marche parks and countryside, which alternate with ancient archaeological sites, full of mystery and ancestral charm, capable of pleasantly surprising visitors with such unexpected "discoveries".

The variety of cultural and natural contexts of the suggested routes caters to a wide range of needs, from nature contemplation to the discovery of ancient mysteries.